California Trout Introduces ‘Adopt-a-Salmon’ Program To Track Juvenile Coho

Fun new program from CalTrout: “Adopt-A-Salmon. Here’s how it works from CalTrout:

By joining our Adopt-a-Salmon program, you can follow along as we track salmon on their journeys from North Coast rivers to the ocean! These fish have a perilous journey to make it to sea, but your support will help us improve their chances.

Every year, salmon and steelhead make a miraculous journey from rivers many miles inland all the way out to the ocean. On the Eel River, CalTrout’s North Coast team, along with California Department of Fish and Wildlife and UC Berkeley, tracks a portion of these juvenile fish throughout their seaward migration, to better understand the threats they face, their survival odds which are currently low, and how we can better manage watersheds to raise the odds.

Through CalTrout’s brand new Adopt-a-Salmon program, you can join us in tracking these fish on their journey to the ocean. Scientific monitoring work can be challenging to fund, and by adopting a salmon you can help us meet this critical need to fund science and future restoration efforts on the Eel River and beyond. Help us raise the odds as these fish swim towards the ocean! Adopt your fish by June 10, 2024 to participate in the program.

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