California Salmon Outlook Not Good

Photo by Jolitime Sportfishing
Photo by Jolitime Sportfishing

This is a bit of an older report, published last Thursday, so apologies for not getting it out sooner. But the prospects for the state’s 2016 ocean salmon season look bleak at best.

Here’s the San Francisco Chronicle’s Kurtis Alexander with more:

First, there was no crab in the cook pot. Now the grill may be left short of salmon.

Responding to profound threats to California’s quintessential catch, federal fishery regulators laid out new restrictions Thursday for the state’s commercial salmon fishing season, scheduled to begin next month, as well as to the sport season, which started April 2.

The move, designed to protect fish hurt by drought-depleted rivers and warming ocean waters, will cut fishing opportunities by as much as half compared with last year, anglers say. It’s bad news for seafood lovers hoping to get their hands — and mouths — on the beloved filets, at least at a decent price.

 “Salmon is scarce, and we got people eager for it,” said Dave Bitts, a Northern California trawler who serves as an adviser to the Pacific Fishery Management Council, the agency that drafted the fishing rules. “I suspect salmon is going to be harder to get, and it will probably be more expensive. But it’s hard to say how much.”

The National Marine Fisheries Service is expected to finalize the restrictions by the end of the month.

Check out the whole story. It’s a really informative read.