California DFW checkpoints

By Chris Cocoles on Oct. 2, 2013

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife set up checkpoints on the first day of deer season in the Eastern Sierras last month. Here are some of the results of the operation:

Approximately 2,000 vehicles were contacted. Of those, 262 vehicles submitted to an inspection. A total of four violations were found, including three deer tagging violations, and one angler was found to have an overlimit of trout (32 trout). Several hunters were warned for not fully filling out their Deer Harvest Report Cards.

Average screening took less than 20 seconds per vehicle and the average inspection took about two minutes and 30 seconds per vehicle. If violations were found, the occupants were detained and issued citations.

I think the idea brings arguments for and against. Of course, like sobriety checkpoints to try and catch drunk drivers, it’s good to know that those hunters and anglers who committed violations were caught and properly punished. But I’m sure many of those who always do everything by the book don’t like being subject to an inquiry. But frankly, it’s something that sober drivers must deal with on those Saturday night checkpoints, so hunters and anglers who have done nothing wrong just need to show some patience and then move on. And I do applaud Fish and Wildlife officers for being proactive.

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