Cal Trout Encouraging Tomorrow’s Public Comment Opportunity On Southern Steelhead

The following is courtesy of California Trout:

Southern California steelhead are at risk of disappearing forever. We must act now to save them!

The evidence is undeniable: Southern California steelhead teeter on the brink of extinction. These fish are crucial indicators of watershed health and river ecosystem integrity. They are a vital part of the environment that you, your family, neighbors, and friends all depend on and play a part in. If one piece of the environment changes or goes away this affects every other species – plant, animal, and human.

Historically, Southern steelhead thrived, with tens of thousands of them swimming through Southern California rivers and streams. Today, it’s rare to see even a few. Their numbers have dipped dangerously low due to impacts from habitat loss, fragmentation, and the encroachment of urbanization. We must act now to prevent the irreversible loss of Southern steelhead. 


We need your help! The Fish and Game Commission needs to hear that allowing Southern steelhead to disappear is not acceptable. On April 18, voice your support for protecting Southern steelhead as endangered under California’s Endangered Species Act – you can do this by joining the Fish and Game Commission meeting in-person or via Zoom and providing a public comment. 

Join Meeting On April 18 to Provide Public Comment

On April 18, the Fish and Game Commission (FGC) will provide an opportunity for the public to express comments before voting on whether to list Southern steelhead as endangered. We encourage you to join the meeting and provide a public comment to voice your support for listing Southern steelhead. Your participation is crucial to ensure these fish receive the protections they need! Providing a public comment is simple and all of the instructions you need are laid out below.

How to Join: 

To provide public comment, you can join the meeting virtually via Zoom or at the in-person location.  
In-person: San Jose Scottish Rite Center, 2455 Masonic Drive, San Jose, CA 95125