Boy gets hit by a Truck…uh no a Deer

On the next deer hunt, best think twice as you run through the woods. Just ask this kid (once he wakes up, that is).
Running is one outdoor activity that comes with minimal risk. Sure, you might run out of breath from time to time. Or worst case scenario, sprain an ankle. Then again, if your name is Justin DeLuzio, you’ll be forever remembered as that unlucky runner that got completely owned by a “beast mode deer” one sunny day.

Don’t be shy with the volume in this clip. You won’t want to miss this gem from the peanut gallery, still running: “Watch out for the beast mode deer!!! Oooooh!!!”

Here we go…

The boy goes down harder than a MMA body slam. The sure-footed whitetail never missed a beat, didn’t even break a stride; that’s how bad-ass it is.

On the bright side, word has it, Justin finished the race. Well, after the stars disappeared and his spine realigned. But in all seriousness, both deer and boy are fine. Only one is suffering from a bruised ego.

So to all you hunters, best walk slowly the next time you hit the woods. Don’t become another Justin.

Source: MileSplitUS Vine