Blue-Eyed Coyotes Spotted In California


Perhaps the great Sinatra – aka “Ol’ Blue Eyes” – has been reincanarnated in the form of California coyotes that also seem to have hypnotic blue eyes. National Geographic‘s Callie Broaddaus dug deep into the trend:

Dietrich, who happened upon the original coyote one fine April morning, at first didn’t think she was anything special. She sports tall, lanky legs, a silvery-brown coat for camouflage, and large, triangular ears that help her listen for gophers hidden in the grass.

However, while almost all coyotes have golden-brown irises, hers are icy-blue. National Geographic investigated Dietrich’s find in June of 2018, calling the coyote potentially “one in a million.”

Since then, coyotes with baby blues have been seen and photographed to the east near Sacramento, and far to the south, outside Santa Cruz. Two are now known to live in Point Reyes—an eye injury to the first enabled photographer David Kramer to definitively identify the second.

Maybe Crystal Gayle too was onto something: