Black Bear Seriously Injured In Caldor Fire Euthanized


Sadly, the wildfires wreaking havoc throughout the state have impacted people as well as wildlife. As the San Francisco Chronicle reports, a black bear was an ursine vicim of the devastating Caldor fire, which has devastated the Sierra. Here’s more on the bear’s fate:

A firefighter battling the blaze in the Meyers area spotted the injured bear on Tuesday and alerted officers with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, who responded to the scene to assess the burns, Kirsten Macintyre, a fish and wildlife spokesperson told The Chronicle.

State wildlife officials typically try to transport injured animals and treat them and rehabilitate them, Macintyre said, but added that “it’s not always possible.” …

Kyle Glau, a warden with the CDFW said wildlife officers who were in the area assisting with evacuations were notified of the bear. The fire line was “encroaching” on the bear, Glau said, and wildlife officers at the scene determined that if they didn’t euthanize the bear “basically right then and there, that it was going to burn to death,” Glau said.