Big Boom with 425 Pounds of Tannernite

The guys from Demolition Ranch are at it again. After starting small with their Tannerite experiments, Demolition Ranch went big, with a 60-foot PVC pipe filled with Tannerite binary explosive.

Problem: It stubbornly refused to explode all at once. Apparently, the pipe was too small.



When they tackled it again, they went with 4? PVC and buried 50 feet of it. On one end, an elbow was added and the pipe turned up out of the ground – and that’s what they shot to detonate it.

It didn’t fail.


Video Transcript

Pipeline Ranch Video
[Intro music]
[Man 2] “We dug a hole… ‘Put a bomb in it.”
[Host] “Welcome to Demolition ranch. A couple years ago, we did a pipeline full of binary explosives, we used like three-quarter or one-inch pipe. and it would not ignite. We couldn’t get it to go travel down the pipeline, it was a total fail.
Today with the help of USA chemical supply, we have four-inch PVC pipe, we’re gonna be burying it underground, and… this one should work.”
[Host] “We’re diggin’ a hole– trench! This is gonna be cool!”
[Host] “There is twenty feet of pipeline filled with binary.”
[Host] “There’s forty feet. Looking good boys!”
[Man 2] “Good enough, shoot it!”
[Man 3] “Shoot it!”
[Host] “We have fifty feet of pipeline starting there, going all the way down to there, where we have a 90 degree elbow, and that’s sticking up outta the ground. So that’s gonna be the part that we shoot, which will hopefully detonate the whole line.”
[Host] “Pipeline is all buried, and we are just putting the final binary explosives down this pipe here.”
[Host] “We just counted it up, and we put four-hundred and twenty-five pounds in the pipe, so if this all blows up all at once, this will be the biggest binary explosion on Youtube.”
[Host] “Yeah!”
[Dubstep music plays]
[Host] “YEAAH!”
[Woman] “I don’t think you got it!”
[Man 3] “You got all of it!”
[Host]”Did it work?”
[Man 3]”Yeah it’s all gone.”
[Host]”Goll-y! Look how much deeper it is here, too! That’s pretty cool.”
[Host] “So we shot the top sticking out over here, and it carried down and went all the way down this whole pipeline and blew it all up. Just as planned.”
[Host] “It worked. Finally.”
[Man 2] “We dug a hole. Big ol hole. Put a big ol bomb in it. It blowed up.”
[Host] “It blowed up.”
[Host] “Look how much dirt my little camera caught!”
[Small child] “Thank you for watching Demolition Ranch.”
[Host] “Thanks for watching Demolition Ranch, We’ll see you next time!”

story by Russ Chastain