Bear Cub Injured In Camp Fire On Road To Recovery

Here’s a feel-good story from the horrible Camp Fire that struck the Chico/Paradise area last year.  A bear cub that was injured during the blaze is on the mend.

Here’s the Chico Enterprise-Record with more:

The bear weighed only about 15 pounds when Fish and Wildlife wardens picked him up from a tree in a Yankee Hill backyard where he’d been living for several days, begging for food.

It was taken to Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care Center soon after its capture, where Cheryl Millham, founder of the wildlife center, said they often call their temporary residents by the area in which they were found. Thus, the little orphaned bear was named “Paradise.”

But it was touch-and-go for awhile, Lomeli said. Paradise was at extreme risk of death or organ failure due to malnutrition, but Millham and her team were able to feed him a fattening diet of fruits, baby formula and maple oatmeal — and the tiny bear cub grew to an encouraging 45 pounds.

Here’s to a full recovery, Paradise!