Beached Aptos Shark Now A Criminal Investigation


Call in the CSI guys (yes, there was a shark attack episosode on the iconic franchise; of course it was an attack of a bunch of party people in a swimming pool adjacent to a shark tank. Maybe a Sharknado inspiration?).

But on a more serious note, that great white shark found dead on a beach in Aptos near Santa Cruz is now part of a criminal investigation based on a necropsy performed on the fish.

Here’s a little more from SFGate via a KSBW report:

The young, 500-pound, 9-foot-long adult male shark was discovered Sunday morning on Seascape Beach. Researchers conducted a necropsy to determine the seemingly healthy shark’s cause of death.

During the necropsy, something was discovered that troubled researchers.

“Upon receiving the lab’s necropsy results, our law enforcement division is now taking up the investigation,” said Peter Tira of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Some video from KGO ABC