Angler Dies In Tragic, Freak American River Accident

Sacramento’s Fox 40 TV affiliate – see video above – shared an absolute tragedy of a story on an angler – and a husband/father of two who died in a tragic accident on the American River. 

Here’s reporter Sonseeahray Tonsall with more:

Shaun Orchid posted a picture of his afternoon fishing trip to Instagram just 10 minutes before it’s believed he lost his footing near Sailor Bar on the American River.

He drowned as the waders he used when bank fishing for shad filled with water.

“In high school he held the butterfly record for years. He was a great swimmer. So to think that he would die of drowning is nothing that anyone could ever imagine,” Orchid said.

“I was just so shocked and devastated,” said Shaun’s father-in-law, Daniel Ash.

Ash shared Shaun Orchid’s love of fishing, doing catch and release at Sailor Bar and other spots across the state for years. The thought of his own waders betraying him was top of mind Thursday.

“When we were in areas like that a lot of times we would take a belt around the top of the waders and cinch it up tight, so if we fell in it would take a little while for the water to get inside so you could stand back up,” Ask said. “I don’t see people doing that.”

Now in their grief, they just want other fishermen to be safe. That means taking a friend when they go out and possibly wearing a life jacket. They don’t want any more little ones like the couple’s children, Jase and Kallie, to be left behind.

Condolences and thoughts are with Shaun’s wife Janelle, their kids Jase and Kallie and loved ones.