An Ode To Fishing With Mom

Happy Mother’s Day! Here’s a Q&A with our correspondent Todd Kline (seen above in the May cover wit his mom Sue).

With Mother’s Day arriving May 14, we sat down with Todd Kline to ask him about some of his experiences fishing with his mom Sue Kline (check out the photos here and on our cover this month) and how those memories inspire his relationship with his son Dylan.

California Sportsman What are your earliest memories of fishing with your mom?
Todd Kline We fished a few times together as a family when I was young growing up in Florida. My parents divorced when I was 8 years old and it was not until my adulthood that my mom and I really started to fish. Every time she visits me in California, we make sure to set up at least one day for fishing.

CS Did your mom introduce you to fishing?
TK My father introduced me to fishing and then I took it upon myself to fish almost daily as a kid in Florida, as we lived on the water.

Photos by Todd Kline

CS Is it hard to not be closer to your mom now that you’re living in Southern California?

TK Moving to California at 21 was awesome on so many levels for me as an individual, but it is very hard being away from all my family, which still lives in Florida .


CS Tell me about the time last fall when your mom visited and you went bass fishing, as seen in some of the photos on these pages.

TK We fished on San Vicente in San Diego. The fish were chasing baitfish and we crushed them throwing Flukes. It is so fun for me watching Mom fight big largemouth bass. She loves it, and the fact that she does makes it even more fun.

CS Now that you’re a dad, do you see a lot of similarities in getting your son involved in fishing and other activities he’s been doing like lacrosse and surfing like you remember with your mom?
TK Yes; I imagine that it’s got to be even cooler for Mom fishing with me. I love the time I have with my son. No matter the activity, time with your family is what it’s all about. Those memories we create with family go to the grave. Nobody can take that from us and it truly is special.

CS Is there anything else you want to share about your mom or being a parent sharing fishing with your own kids?
TK I recommend that if you have kids, introduce them to the outdoors and fishing, as it will create great memories and also it’s very healthy in many ways. Unplugging from the hustle and bustle clears the mind and allows me to connect with nature. It’s these times I am blessed to share with my mom that I will always cherish. Life is short! Enjoy it with those you love. Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there!