Ambush At The Lake Set For Sept. 3 Opener At Convict Lake

Photo by Convict Lake Resort


Summer is winding down in the Eastern Sierra, but Convict Lake will be hosting two big events beginning on Sept. 3  with Ambush At The Lake at Convict Lake Resort. 

The event runs from Sept. 3-Nov. 15 and features a $15 entry fee.

There will be $6,000 in resort prizes available, and all fish caught and recorded 14 inches or longer will be eligible, and each entrant can enter one fish per derby for the derby.

Also, the $2,200 Morrison’s Bonus Derby Weekend will be held from Oct. 26-28.

Call (760) 934-3800 or go to for more details:

Here’s a little more about Convict Lake Resort’s fishing from the resort:

“Convict Lake fishing is arguably some of the best in the West and one of the most popular fishing “holes” in the Eastern Sierra, boasting a fantastic stock of Rainbow and German Brown trout. The pristine lake is 168 acres and ringed with towering mountain peaks. Situated in a bowl at 7,580 feet, Convict Lake was developed by a moraine dam created from retreating glaciers.”