Advisory for eating California fish

By Chris Cocoles on Sept. 12

Check out this report from the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment on how many servings of freshwater fish are OK to eat for women aged 18-to-45 and children 1-to-17.

According to the report, it’s OK for people in those two groups to eat two servings of rainbow trout per week, with one serving apiece for bullhead, catfish, bluegill or other sunfish, and brown trout 16 inches or less. For women over 45 and men over 17, six servings of rainbow trout and two for the aforementioned bullhead, catfish, bluegill and brown trout under 16 inches. Women in the 18-to-45 range and children 17-and-under are not recommended consuming carp,  bass or brown trout over 16 inches. But anyone else can consume those species for a single serving a week.

Enjoy your meals sensibly, Californians.