A New “Sportsman” …

June issue kicks off unique new outdoors magazine for California anglers, hunters, outdoorsmen/women

Amanda P CS June coverI am, always have been, and always will be a fan of magazines. I love the damn things. Love they way they feel in my hand, and the way they convey stories and informationin ways that even the super-awesome-fantasticness of the worldwide Web cannot.

My poor 9-year-old daughter knows that, as soon as we make it to the magazine racks at our local supermarket, we’re going to be there awhile, and that those racks are going to be rearranged, tweaked and rearranged again as Daddy studies. It embarrasses the hell out of her.

It struck me during one of my many such “study sessions,” while I was perusing an odd mix of men’s lifestyle, beer, muscle car and fishing/hunting titles, that the Golden State was in need of a fresh, new magazine that caters to all things that surround our fishing and hunting passions.

It just so happens that I’m in charge of a magazine, and that the publisher of said magazine is of a similar mind: There’s something missing in the fishing/hunting/outdoors magazine realm in California, and somebody should change that.

Welcome to the new California Sportsman.

The best info, the best entertainment: We’ve published this magazine for four years now, and have done our best to focus on the nuts and bolts of fishing and hunting in California. We’ve told you what lures to throw, what stretches of river to focus on, and which deer units will be most productive during archery season. That “go here, do this” information has been the hallmark of this company’s outdoors magazines.

And still will be. We’ll still tell you when, where and how to be successful in the field. You’ll still find the West Coast’s best writers, anglers and hunters contributing to these pages, and the most valuable inside information on everything from bass to billfish.

In addition, though, from this day forward, your California Sportsman will be flavored with the things that make your “outdoors lifestyle” complete. You don’t simply just fish or just hunt when you’re out in the field. You eat, drink, and enjoy the lifestyle.

Do you love food? Cool gear? Beer? NASCAR? Music? Trucks? Knives? Electronics?

So do we. And they all fit nicely into the world of fishing and hunting.

We plan to explore all of the above, and many, many other subjects that fall under the header of “fishing, hunting and outdoors lifestyle.”

What would you like to see?: The inbox is open, readers. I’d like to hear about other subjects that interest you. Feel free to drop me a line at jshangle@media-inc.com.