9mm Tracers Lights up Coyote

Hunting coyote and other predators  is definitely a huge plus in helping preserve the local deer population. Youtuber Tim Wells highlights some coyote hunting with 9mm tracer rounds.

Watch as Tim Wells lights up these coyotes with tracer rounds.

Awesome shooting and great footage of tracers!

In the video, Tim encounters some challenges on getting these wily predators  to come closer. With some patiences like a seasoned hunter, utilizing the Foxpro caller, the coyotes  arrive.

However, one of the shooter misses an easy shot of the standing coyote, but later was able to obtain a different shot to take down the coyote, see the video for the highlights.


Video Transcript:

Well you always know it’s going to be a good hunt when you pull into the pasture and a coyote runs in front of the truck.

After that last thirty-round clip I decided to try and stop the Coyote.But he didn’t want anything to do with it. He just kept on running. So we set up. I thought I might be able to call him out into the open. Only trouble was, he wouldn’t hold still. Suddenly I found myself between the Coyote and the guns, so I hit the dirt. and lucky for me, they were very safety-minded. I looked over and noticed that Chip and Bubba were laughing about the whole ordeal. When suddenly I also noticed a coyote and he was coming our way.

“Shut up here somes one!”

I tried all sorts of calls to draw him closer, but he held his ground. Finally, chip moved into position. He’s gonna try the shot with the nine milimeter.

“You got him? Huh? Tell me when you got him. Just about a foot right over his hea, and squeeze the trigger real slow.”

It’ll be like launching a canonball at this distance.

“Got it?”

“I’m on him.”



[Again in slow-mo]

“[chuckling] That was crazy! Did you see that?”

“This was the coolest setting ever. This Coyote, Tim says, ‘Yeah I don’t think they’re gonna come quite into the call’ We called, as you’ll see in a little bit, he calls that coyote right up, jumps ontop of the day-gum call. jumps ontop of the day-gum call. I don’t know what kinda call that is, but it’s the best call ever, so [voice fades out]”

Chip’s first shot was perfectly placed. Right where the Coyote used to be.

Original story by Micah Sargent, revised by Calsports
Source: Tim Wells Youtube