.50 Cal and an Arrow

Ever wonder what happens when you shoot a .50 cal bullet with an arrow?
Cameron Hanes from Youtube places a perfect shot on a .50 cal bullet.
Most of us as kids had the thought: what would happen if I hammer the primer on a bullet with a nail? What if I shot a bullet with another bullet? I’m sure many of us have had these questions in mind.

Regardless, never before have I questioned what would happen if I shot a bullet with a bow and arrow.

Watching Cameron Hanes make that shot is a amazing! With that, we are all able to witness in slow motion exactly what happens when you hit a .50 cal with an arrow.

First things first, what an amazing shot! It was surprising to see that only the primer had gone off and would have thought differently. Fortunately, no one was hurt during the making of the video, but unfortunately, the bullet did not discharge from the shell as we all secretly wished it had.

by Dustin Prievo

Source: FullMag Youtube