30-point Whitetail – Doe!

An impressive and Unusual Whitetail Trophy

This critter was taken a few years back, but it’s still notable.

We’ve talked here about this phenomenon before: a doe with antlers, that is. It seems that about one in every 4,500 does might have antlers, but this one is something else.

Most deer hunters have dreamed of seeing a big non-typical buck with points galore. Imagine bagging one with 30 points!

Now imagine that the buck is a doe.

Lomas, a resident of West Salem, Ill., was hunting along the Little Wabash River when he bagged what he believed was a trophy buck — a 30 pointer.

Here’s the original story excerpt from Realtree
When he dropped the carcass off at a local meat processing plant in Albion, he made a surprising discovery — it was a doe, not a buck. According to a local wildlife biologist, antlers on does are quite uncommon — perhaps one in 4,500 will have a rack. Finding one that is a 30 pointer is even more unusual.
Original story excerpt from Realtree

The deer was reportedly taken by Richard Lomas in Illinois, and the hunter didn’t realize he’d taken a doe until he dropped it off at a processor.

Source: Russ Chastain alloutdoor.com