3 Reasons why they won’t become good Hunters

Have you ever noticed there are guys/gals out there who are good at hunting? And some just aren’t that good at it, being good is not about being lucky either. So here’s what it boils down to—and why some people won’t ever become good hunters.
lazy_hunter1. They’re Lazy
Being a good hunter takes a lot of hard work. Whether that’s going the extra mile during the season, or putting in work during the off-season, the people who put in more work find more success. The people who don’t work hard and are lazy won’t ever be good hunters.

2. They Don’t Pay Attention to Detail
Detail, detail, detail. You hear it all the time. But do you actually pay attention to detail? It’s the little things, such as how you enter and exit your treestand, whether you practice scent control, paying attention to what exact tree you need your stand in, etc.

Those hunters who consistently pay attention to every little detail are the ones who find success more than those who don’t. If you don’t pay attention to detail, odds are you aren’t going to be a very good hunter.

3. They Think They’re Always Right
It’s their way or the highway. Those people who think they’re always right and never wrong tend to not know much at all. The best hunters are constantly learning from others and applying what they learn to their hunting efforts. The more you learn and evolve over time, the better hunter you will become. On the other hand, if you can’t get over yourself, and think you’re the best hunter in the world, odds are you’re in the category of people who will never become good hunters.

There is no secret to becoming a good hunter. It takes a little work, a little detail, and the ability to learn. Do those three things, and you can become quite the hunter. Don’t do them, and you might not ever become a good hunter.

by Alex Comstock