YakAttack LLC

YakAttack, LLC., was founded in 2009 by Luther Cifers of Amelia, Va.

“It started as a hobby,” says Cifers. “We had no idea that YakAttack would become the brand it is today.”

Their first product was the VISIPole, a visibility product with an LED light and a flag on a 4 -foot-long pole. A year and a half later, YakAttack took what they learned from manufacturing and distributing the VISIPole and used it to design what they believed would be the ultimate light/flag combination.

This new product was dubbed the VISICarbon Pro, and with its fold-down design and removable flag that serves double duty as a storage bag, it soon become the standard among light/flag products on kayaks.

Since then, YakAttack has continued to develop products at a rapid pace. Known today for much more than visibility products, YakAttack also manufactures a variety of camera mounts, track systems, stakeout/push poles, and gear organization solutions, to name a few.

With a firm commitment to building their products in the USA and providing excellent customer service, YakAttack has established remarkable brand loyalty, and all indicators suggest the future is bright for this aspiring young company.

For information on YakAttack products, visit www.yakattack.us