Xtaero Boats Announces New Craft

Seattle, WA— At a quiet but exciting Jig completion ceremony the new company (pronounced ‘ext-arrow’) announced the successful arrival of its first completed boat to Juneau, Alaska. It was pre-sold in November 2014 prior to building it. The Jig and associated manufacturing bays represent a massive financial commitment by the company to the market and the boat. The first boat was built using a freestanding inverted method and the new Jig is a specially designed tool anchored in concrete that will aid the precision manufacturing of the fully hydrodynamic aluminum hull. The Jig will dramatically decrease the time from customer order to delivery of their boat.
The boat is an all welded all-aluminum monohul with outboard engine (twins optional), fully enclosed cabin, deep self-bailing cockpit, large cuddy, and twenty degree deadrise.
Construction is unique in that the exterior skin of the hull sides, chines and bottom are fully developed using software a little beyond the well known Solid Works and CAD programs. We use a flat surface modeling concept that allows us to precisely bend the large bottom sheets of the hull into subtle compound curves and interlace them with other curved parts. The boat is a welded girder and frame system with breastplate, a method that has been tested for centuries, but the system takes precision fairing of aluminum to another level. The benefit over other boats is Xtaero’s outstanding characteristics of better ride in rough water, superior cornering ability in bigger waves and fuel economy with a lighter weight boat that is actually stronger and quieter.
Interior layout is two forward facing seats, and aft of those two inward facing seats. The interior design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, expandability and rugged elegance.
The boat weighs 2,400 pounds without any engines and customers are free to select any single or twin combination up to 300 hp total. The standard gasoline capacity is 100 gallons with options for additional capacity.
Xtaero Boats are available as a package including boat, motor, electronics and trailer for one stop shopping and rigging, or a combination. Customers choose the fit-out such as amenities for diving with custom tank storage and custom dive doors, typical fishing components, exploring and camping. Optional items include bigger heaters, heads, fresh water, advanced electronics, davits, pot pullers, etc.“We will be creative for our customers,” says Troy Bouchard, a Coast Guard veteran with 17 years on Kodiak, Island and who is controller for Xtaero Boats.

Xtaero Boats was founded in 2012 by Travis Brandt, a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard and of the aluminum boat manufacturing industry. The Xtaero XT22DV was designed especially for Xtaero Boats by Jarek Kanios of Conrad Yachts. The lead welder is Sean Withrow, who was the jig and keel fabricator for Almar Boats for 12 years and who fabricated the first 75 North River Sea Hawk hulls.
“We are very excited about the jig and our production tooling because it will help us build better boats faster resulting in lower cost to build and therefore lower prices for our customers,” said Travis Brandt, founder and president.
The company is selling boats factory direct and are available for immediate order and delivery within 45-60 days.
For more information see www.xtaeroboats.com or call (855) 915-2628.