WindPaddle Develops Hands-Free Net



WindPaddle, a manufacturer of sails and sun shades for kayaks and canoes, has taken their technology to kayak fishing — introducing the WindPaddle “Release Right” hands-free floating fish net.


WindPaddle’s core technology is developing products that are instantly deployed, light weight, and functional in a multitude of situations. They now bring that technology to those who fish from their kayaks and canoes by means of a quick-release, hands-free fish net that floats!


WindPaddle’s Release Right is a big 29-inch-wide net, yet comes stowed in a coiled three-ring shape only 11 inches wide, and at only 12 ounces, you can store it almost anywhere.


Deploy the net by simply tossing it out over the water. It opens and lands floating  with a 24-inch-deep holding well to keep your catch.

Now the angler has both hands free to play and land the fish, take a picture or two, weigh that prize catch, then keep it or release it with minimal or no handling.


The net attaches to the side of your boat so it’s not going anywhere, nor is your catch!

No worries about your prize catch jumping out because directly beneath the floating frame of the WindPaddle Release Right is a 9-inch solid black curtain. This dark ring just below the water’s surface drives the fish deep down into the bottom net material that reaches to 24 inches below the surface.

No more fish tales about who got the biggest. Just leave the net attached to your boat and tow it along with all your fish in it! Fish stay in the net while paddling, even towed with fish while running Class II/III rapids. Great for “Biggest Fish” tournaments!

Size: 29” deployed, 12” coiled and stowed.
Weight: 12 oz.
Color: black
Cost: $59.95 (MSRP)

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