Shark (Great White?) Breaches Within Distance Of S.F. Surfers

The above video – from – shows a what is believed to be a great white leaping from the waters off Ocean Beach in San Francisco. Those little figures in front of the fish? Surfers. Godspeed folks.

Here’s the San Francisco Chronicle with more:

Local surfer Nick Masturzo reportedly spotted the giant fish as he was paddling on his board at exactly 8:46 a.m. yesterday.
“When I saw that white belly go up and the super defined white of pectoral fins I knew what it was,” Masturzo told “I told everyone around me and went in. It was funny, some people were saying, ‘that’s not cool,’ but I would never say ‘shark’ on a small day to try to clear the water. If it was six-to-eight-foot, maybe.”