Rig of the Month– A simple Catfishing setup!

This simple Catfish jig could be a great start to your season, sure to keep your line buzzing.

First, you’ll need an egg sinker on the end of your line, a classic catfisher companion, and a favorite for live bait. It’ll be great for catching these alleged bottomfeeders (Apparently, there is some debate about whether or not catfish are true bottomfeeders). Whether or not Catfish really sink to the bottom or choose to look up for their meals, I’m not inclined to doubt what works.

Next, you’ll need a barrel swivel, because the part after is gonna be monofilament line, and you don’t want tangles or twists weakening or damaging the line.

A few inches of monofilament line (Ok, about two feet of it, at least 20lb line), and you can add on your hook. We prefer a Gamakatsu Shiner hook, anywhere from 2/0 to 5/0, so you can keep your live baits, well, live! They’re strong, too.

This setup should get you catching cats in no time, and without getting to complicated in our rigging. Now go get some cats! (And report back on whether you find them at the bottom or elsewhere, would you? Now I’m curious.)