Rig Of The Month: Plastic Grubs

Use Small Plastic Grubs, Catch Mighty Numbers Of Light-biting Bottomfish

Ever wondered what those light nibblers are that never get hooked? Sometimes they’re small rockfish but other times they can be large light-biting rockfish and lingcod. Using smaller hooks and 2-inch grubs will quickly solve the mystery.


For ocean purposes, Gamakatsu makes snelled leaders with baitholder hooks ranging from size 2 through 6/0. They come pretied with long, 24-inch leaders to allow you ample room for tying your own tailor-made leader-sizes. The lack of a loop on one end gives you the choice whether to tie your leader directly to a swivel or to make your own loops. The perfection loop is the perfect choice for most bottomfishing rigs.
You can also resnell these ultra-sharp baitholder hooks using heavier pound test if you so desire. Go with smaller Gamakatsu baitholder hooks and they will rapidly tell you what the bait-stealer is on any given day. –Larry Ellis