The following is a press relase

Canada’s No. 1 ranked boat dealer, M&P Mercury, has signed an exclusive marketing agreement with US boat manufacturer Ameriflex Engineering LLC, maker of RH Aluminum Boats and Fish Rite Boats lines.

“After investigating and evaluating the heavy-gauge all-welded aluminum boat segment market for the last couple years we have chosen to align the M&P Mercury brand with RH Aluminum Boats and Fish Rite Boat brands,” said M&P Mercury president, Mr. Bob Pappajohn. “We feel the RH Aluminum lineup will segue nicely for our clientele into the heavy-gauge aluminum market segment. The features and benefits of RH Aluminum exclusive ‘Stress Tech’ engineering process is a key factor in communicating the exceptional strength and durability of the RH hull design.”

“As a sales staff we are already very familiar with the superior performance and handling benefits of a hull that is engineered with a full-length reverse chine.  Any glass boat manufactured today from $15,000 to $15 million has full-length reverse chines engineered into the bottom the boat. RH Aluminum Boats practically stands alone in the heavy-gauge aluminum market with full-length reverse chine engineering. Simply stated, RH Aluminum Boats plane faster, turn sharper and are much less affected by side-to-side weight distribution.”

“The Fish Rite aluminum boats brand, established in 1978, is also built with exceptional engineering, with a fit and finish that our staff is looking forward to, and inviting all comparisons with all other “extruded” heavy-gauge aluminum fishing boats.  We think the brand says it all — Fish Rite,” said Pappajohn.

“We are very excited to offer and advance our brands through the No. 1 marine dealer in Canada,” says Phillip A. Cam, president and CEO of Ameriflex Engineering LLC, maker of RH Aluminum Boats and Fish Rite Boats in White City, Ore. “Both RH Aluminum and Fish Rite brands offered in tandem provide an outstanding vertical product mix to interface to arguably one of the most desirable boating consumer demographics availed today in the entire marine industry.”

“When you take that perspective in conjunction with M&P Mercury as the West Coast’s only marine-industry five-star certified marine dealer, we know that consumers can feel confident they are choosing a business that is committed to their satisfaction. It would be an understatement to say we are looking forward to the opportunity and the partnership!”