Protecting California’s Forests



“Protect California’s forests. California’s forests are threatened by nonnative insects and diseases that can kill large numbers of trees. The goldspotted oak borer, polyphagous shot hole borer, sudden oak death, pitch canker, emerald ash borer, and Asian longhorned beetle can be transported long distances on firewood. Once transported to new areas, these insects and diseases can become established and kill trees.

How You Can Help. California is participating in the kickoff of the national “Firewood Scout” pilot program this summer in an effort to assist consumers in buying firewood local to where they will be burning it.  Available online, Firewood Scout will be especially helpful to smartphone users, as on-the-go travelers will be able to use their phones to identify where local firewood distributors are in a given area.  The site will also offer information on invasive species of concern in California as well as a set of questions consumers can ask to help assure the wood being purchased is low risk for spreading invasive insects and diseases. As movement of firewood can help spread invasive species, Firewood Scout will help keep wood local and keep residents and visitors of California “Buying It Where They Burn It.” For more information, go to the California Firewood Task Force website at”