ProLix Lubricant

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PO Box 1466
West Jordan, UT 84084-8466
1-800-248-LUBE (5823)

PrOlix is a penetrating solvent/dry lube product that was lab-developed and tested by law enforcement, military and commercial shooters over many years. The citrus-based biodegradable cleaner, pioneered in 1995, is the first successful “all in one” gun care product, now deemed “Bio-Technology.” Their recyclable (strain and reuse) products are made of 89 percent or greater renewable resources, a true commitment to sustainable practices and caring for the environment. As such, the USDA has listed PrOlix as a BioPreferred Product since 2012.

The solvent “goes on wet, cleans, bonds, and the lube turns dry to the touch.” It removes carbon, copper, lead, shotgun plastic residues, and black powder. PrOlix will not damage wood, freeze, or flash off, and it can be used for commercial and industrial applications as well.

To complement the PrOlix Cleaner/Lubricant (Dry Tech) line, shooters can use the equally superior “gun-oil and grease replacer” PrOlix Xtra-T Lube for a total care product.

PrOlix, which will be celebrating its 33rd anniversary soon, announced at the 2019 Shot Show that they would be shipping out their products with a new look around the middle of the year. Along with the new look, due to many requests, their PrOlix TGCP in the 16-ounce-PRO with an adjustable nozzle and trigger-sprayer cap will also change to an easier-to-handle bottle.

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