Police Video Shows Deer Flying in Air

A police department in Kentucky posted a video on their Facebook page showing a patrol car colliding with a deer, sending it airborne.

Kenton County Police Department stated the reason they shared this video on their Facebook page is to illustrate a good example of handling a collision with a deer.

What you’ll learn from this video
Anybody can learn how to handle our four legged friend inadvertently crossing your path.

Here’s the observation of how Kenton P.D. Officer Pittaluga handled it. He applied his brakes and steered away from the deer in a controlled manner. Even though the collision occurred, Officer Pittaluga maintained control of his vehicle throughout the entire incident, even while the deer performed a “triple axel” over the hood of his cruiser.

In the aftermath, the officer and deer did not sustain any injuries, but the patrol car did receive some damage.

Police also stated they sent a message to the North Pole to find out if any of their employees (reindeer) were involved. None of Santa’s reindeer was in the area.

Source: Michele Broder Van Dyke – BuzzFeed – Revised by Cal Sportsman