OutCast Kayak A Light And Fast Option For Anglers



Startup company Up the Creek Paddleworks is introducing its flagship product, the OutCast, via Kickstarter on February 15th at a huge discount. Weighing in at less than 35 pounds, the OutCast is the lightest, fastest, most stable and maneuverable fishing kayak on the market.

It’s the only composite fishing kayak in the market, making it way lighter and stronger than plastic or thermoplastic boats. The OutCast is 12’6”, and due to its incredibly low weight can be loaded onto a car by one person without breaking a sweat or straining a back. This boat eliminates the need for expensive trailers or bodybuilding friends to help lift the kayak. “Put simply,” explains Up the Creek Paddleworks co-founder Michael Duffy, “the OutCast is designed and built for the fishermen that live to fish. It provides incredible performance without all the weight and allows them to get out and go fishing at a moment’s notice.”

Up the Creek Paddleworks will be launching the OutCast with the support of industry-leading brands Douglas Outdoors, Lendal North America, and Scotty Paddlesports. Those who back the Kickstarter campaign will get 20% off the OutCast and additionally can pick packages that include the newest fishing rods from Douglas, Lendal Paddles, and attachments from Scotty.

The OutCast is designed by world-class engineers who are also die-hard fishermen, and it’s manufactured in the USA using the most advanced aerospace composite materials. “We bring the experience and manufacturing expertise to deliver our KickStarter boats not just on time, but boats that will set a new standard in performance and build quality,” explains co-founder Craig Lockwood.

“Our backers only have to look at Lendal and see that we sell our paddles from Chile to Australia, and they are paddled in some of the most extreme conditions from the Arctic to the Antarctic and all places in between. This business experience should give our backers peace of mind”, adds Dr. Cathy Fleischer, co-founder and partner of Lendal Paddles.

Up the Creek PaddleWorks is a startup company focused on designing and engineering the lightest, fastest and most agile fishing kayaks in the market. The company is built on a culture of breaking boundaries time and time again. Up the Creek PaddleWorks is a marriage between Lendal North America, manufacturer of the best expedition kayak paddles made, and LM Designs, one of the top 3D modeling and design firms in the US, with a client list consisting of GoogleX, Remington Medical, Bloomberg, Bausch + Lomb and SIG Sauer.

The OutCast, a world class boat for fisherman, built by fisherman, and proudly made in Rochester, NY, U.S.A.

To get your discounted OutCast sign up here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fishing-outcast/the-outcast-lightest-and-fastest-fishing-kayak-eve