New Governor Erases Previous Governor’s Delta Twin Tunnel Plan


California Governor Gavin Newsom today canceled out the highly debated Delta Twin Tunnels water plan concocted by his predecessor, Jerry Brown. Here’s more from Paul Rogers of the San Jose Mercury News, including comments from Newsom about his preference for a single tunnel. Environmental critics have cited the threat this project – an easier way to divert water to Southern California – could have on native endangered salmon, smelt and other fish species:

One of the most contentious water projects in recent history, supporters, led by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California in Los Angeles, said the plan would allow water managers more flexibility by taking large amounts of water during wet periods, avoiding limits on pumping when endangered fish such as salmon and smelt are near the pumps.

But critics, led by most of the state’s environmental groups and political leaders from the Delta counties, called it a huge water grab by Southern California that would worsen water quality in the Delta and San Francisco Bay, and saddle ratepayers in San Jose, Los Angeles and other urban areas with rate increases to pay for water that would be used by large corporate farms in the Central Valley.

Here’s some more social media buzz on Newsom’s plans: