Latest from the long range grounds: Royal Polaris scores seven cows, good times for Interpid, Excel

Filed by Bill Roecker –

SAN DIEGO – Here’s the latest from the San Diego long range fleet:

Getting the job done aboard the Royal Star, long-range veteran Art Nolen with a nice yellowtail. (Photo courtesy Royal Star)

Five Over Off The Mainland: “Our day started out similar to yesterday with a little bit of action on smaller grade tuna up to 50 pounds,” recalled Excel skipper Justin Fleck January 27. “We decided to move on from that area in search of bigger fish. Late in the day there were a few bird schools around with some good grade tuna crashing underneath. We picked off ten fish from 140 to 250 pounds, with five cows. Phillip Bruce was first to hook up with his biggest tuna ever at 225 pounds. Next was Max Dallorso with a 237. Then Nonon Alvarez got a 209. David Christopher one at 210. And the final cow was caught by Scott McCall; a chunky 251. Overall I’d have to say this is tough fishing but there is definitely a chance for a trophy here.”

“Good Times!”: Intrepid’s entry for January 27 reads, “Another good day of fishing here, as we boated another 51 fish today. We had one to three going almost the whole day with the exception of a lunchtime lull. There were 18 more nice Wahoo in the mix as well. Chef Mark Pariano fixed up some fresh Ahi Sushi for an afternoon snack, then backed it up with an incredible Wahoo dinner! We have three more days down here in the far reaches before we head up the line. We’ll see what the next couple of days bring before we make a move.”

All Nice: Red Rooster got a late report in January 28 that said, “26 tuna! All nice size fish! 2 fish over 200lbs, the majority of fish being 90 to 190pounds! The weather was absolutely fantastic. We are out here at the (Hurricane) Bank, we will spend about half the day here, then go out to the island, and give that a go.”

Seven-Cow Day: Frank LoPreste spoke with his crew aboard Royal Polaris about fishing January 26.

“The Jerry Brown 18-day, 18-passenger group continues to have outstanding fishing: 23 yellowfin tuna were put aboard yesterday, with many 100 to 130-pounders released. There were seven fish over 200 pounds: Joe Amagrande 231, Jim Nailen 227, Robert De Loach 215, Joe Cruz 219, Jim Tallerico 215, Richard Keely 233, Dan Gaudy 203. The center hold is absolutely packed and today they will start on R.S.W. fish. On all Jerry Brown spectra trips there are a multitude of cash prizes that the group can receive throughout the trip plus many, many other gifts. We are quite privileged to have Line One Spectra as a sponsor.”

Premium Scratch: “Steady scratching on premium quality today in fine working conditions,” wrote Royal Star skipper Tim Ekstrom January 26, “a welcome change enjoyed by all. Fishing conditions themselves were not so easy, and incredibly unpredictable, but it did not seem to matter much to the only ones in that equation who count, the tuna. Satisfied with the pace and quality we forge into day five with a building sense of satisfaction, and relief. If this fishing holds we’ll be in fantastic shape sooner than later. Photo for the day features Royal Star veteran Art Nolen, who matched his personal best with this stocky 240-pounder landed mid-morning on the chunk.”