Fulfilling a dream hunt with Hunters and Guides Connection

Fulfilling a Dream Hunt
The Search for the Mountain Monarch

Have you ever thought about how your dream hunt would play out? Would you be on an African Safari tracking a Lion, in Argentina hunting Doves, or how about going after a Javan Rusa Deer in Australia? For Drew Zimmerman his dream hunt involved a Stone Sheep Hunt and he knew without a doubt that at some point in his life he would make this a reality.

This really was the hunt of a lifetime for Drew and he describes this as a hunt where you “physically paid your dues and earned” the results of the 10 day hunt. Drew’s whole hunt revolved around one thing – finding the Mountain Monarch. For days, he searched with his guide in the rugged mountain terrain for that perfect ram. They spotted many nice rams, but there was always something that prevented the shot.

Then, after battling the weather, day 9 began to fall into place and after careful stalking Drew was set up with a 250-yard shot, but at a very steep angle. Although this shot didn’t quite connect, after a 300-yard dash to cut the ram off, Drew had another opportunity to shoot and he landed a perfect center mass hit. Finally, Drew had his Mountain Monarch!

Drew had always wanted to make his dream hunt a reality and he is grateful that “being a member of the Hunters and Guides Connection provided this opportunity at a considerable savings and sooner than anticipated!” Drew also shared that by being a member of the Hunters and Guides Connection for only $199 a year he saved $9,000 on this hunt cancellation.

Although Drew’s “dream hunt” has now become a cherished memory, he looks forward to continuing o use the Hunters and Guides Connection to help him plan and save money on his next hunting adventure.

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