Eastern Beacon Industries develops revolutionary personal protection against active shooters.

The following press release is courtesy of Eastern Beacon Industries: 

Today Eastern Beacon Industries, a company specializing in tactical bags and cases, announced two products that provide ballistic protection from an armed attacker. A Laptop Case and Backpack.

The Laptop Case and Backpack appear normal from the first outside glance, but inside is a different story. Each bag contains 2 lightweight ballistic plates that only weigh 1.6 pounds each! The lightest on the market. These NIJ Certified plates will stop multiple hits from an AK47 rifle, handguns, and edged weapons.

The Laptop Case and Backpack are constructed with rugged nylon, heavy-duty buckles and zippers. Both products are 100% made in the USA and Berry compliant. Each product is patent pending and fills a void in the protection market. The Laptop Case and Backpack will retail around $899.


Eastern Beacon Industries is so confident in these products that they shot one with an AK47 Rifle live on ABC News (http:abc7.com/2286710/. You can view the products on their website: easternbeaconindustries.com.

During the live ABC interview, Eastern Beacon Industries CEO Ron Weaver said, “You are probably carrying a laptop case or backpack now, why wouldn’t you want to carry one with protection to save yourself and your families lives?”

About Eastern Beacon Industries LLC: Eastern Beacon Industries was founded in 2014 as a firearms retailer and provided training to law enforcement and civilians. In 2017, Eastern Beacon Industries transitioned exclusively to designing tactical bags and cases. They are highly sought after by law enforcement officers and protection operators for their tactical products. Eastern Beacon Industries CEO Ron Weaver has 27 years of prior law enforcement experience and just recently retired from the Los Angeles Police Department.