Dad’s Jerky: Great Taste In Three Easy Steps

Located in Lake Isabella, Dad’s jerky offers delicious products ranging from traditional jerky to dried fruit and nuts.

The art of intense flavor for the do-it-yourselfer

Perfect, intense flavor, that’s all you want. Dad’s began in the home kitchen, went on to processing thousands of pounds of whole muscle beef a month and back to teaching others to make the “perfect batch.” Our commitment is to help you achieve perfection and that’s a promise.

Effective experience, ingredients and equipment

Processing meat and developing the perfect marinade has put us in front of many people. There is always one question: “How do I…”Our sole mission is to help you to process the perfect batch with free advice and great supplies.

We know by public response we have the perfect flavor Injector.

Dad’s is running our ad this month because we know we’re all going into the “roasting months.” Inject that big hunk of meat with some intense flavor, fill the house with intense aroma and wait for that intensely wonderful feast! It’s our goal to help you do that.

We focus by keeping it simple. Whether you buy equipment and want to know how to use it, need a recipe or have a return, we guarantee that we will make you happy. With our satisfaction guarantee and customer service, you can’t lose.

Contact: or call 1-866-905-3759.