Chico Honda Motorsports: Return To The Glory Days

Gabe Eggen of Chico Honda Motorsports.
Gabe Eggen of Chico Honda Motorsports.


Chico Honda Motorsports was revived on April 4th, 2011 by Gabe Eggen
and his team.  Gabe previously worked at Chico Honda Motorsports
during high school and most of college. The very place that would
later become his life and passion had helped him obtain the education
he needed to succeed. A few years of management work after college
prepared Gabe to start the long process that would eventually lead to
the purchase of Chico Honda Motorsports. Armed with the capital,
energy, and new ideas necessary to return Chico Honda Motorsports to
its glory days, Gabe set out to do just that.

A motorsports dream team was hired that to make all of the new ideas
for Chico Honda Motorsports a reality. The main focus and new
philosophy is simple: community. All riders from all brands and types
of riding share one main trait: love for the sport. From ATVs to
scooters and from street bikes to dirt bikes, all of us love to ride.

Motorsports riders are a family and family sticks together.  Hopefully
in time we can get back to the roots of the sport and remember why we
ride in the first place.