California-Based Tackle Company Introduces New Fluorocarbon Leader Line

The following is courtesy of Opsin USA:

Opsin USA Launches Fluorocarbon Leader Line

Product is spooled in California and offers exceptionally low diameter-to-tensile strength ratios.


SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (April 7, 2020) — Opsin USA launches fluorocarbon leader line that offers one the best diameter to strength ratios on the market and differentiates their brand by hand-spooling, labeling and inspecting their lines locally, in Southern California. The line is created using a slow extrusion process to lower diameter and bolster tensile strength; therefore, keeping visibility exceptionally low.The company’s name was inspired by a class of proteins within the eyes of fish, known as opsins. 

Opsin is a Southern California-based company in the recreational fishing space and aims to be a leading brand, by offering low visibility, high strength fluorocarbon lines. Their goal is to give anglers an advantage when targeting cautious fish, in clear water conditions. The company was founded by California fisherman Greg Brown, who was frustrated with the lack of leader line options in the retail space, “I went to a fishing expo and saw dozens of local rod builders, lure makers and tackle designers, but when it comes to fluorocarbon there are only a handful of options to choose from, and we thrilled to showcase a new product to the competitive angler.” stated Greg.

The recreational fishing industry is riddled with companies outsourcing fulfillment duties overseas, which never aligned with Opsin’s vision. As a result Opsin made it a priority to keep all their production in SoCal, creating jobs locally, paying employees a higher rate, and closely monitoring product quality.

Perhaps one of Opsin’s most exciting features is the introduction of a unique interlocking spool system. This new technology was such a hit with early field staff testing, it led Opsin to file for a utility patent, speaking volumes to the company’s forward-thinking role, in such a highly competitive fishing space. Greg shared his thoughts: “An interlocking spool may seem like a small thing– but just like fishing, the smallest details make all the difference.” From hand-spooling to labeling, packaging and shipping out every order, the company’s processes reflect a keen attention to detail and respect for their customers.

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