Baitmate Ultra Products Attract The Big Ones

The following press release is courtesy of Wisconsin Pharmacal Company, LLC:

Baitmate™ Fish Attractant, long time market leader in spray-on attractants, recently added two unique elements to their product portfolio.

The first, Baitmate Ultra, available in Bass & Crawfish Scents, utilize unique Bag-on-Valve (BOV) continuous spray dispensing technology that offers a number of benefits over traditional aerosol dispensing, including:

  • Precision 360° Spray – BOV continuous spray technology allows for a precision spray application that can be dispensed in any direction, even upside down, with no pumping, no shaking, and no mess. The Baitmate attractant is applied exactly where you want it – on your bait.
  • Environmentally Friendly – BOV continuous spray dispensing systems are completely recyclable and contain no harmful propellants that can repel fish and deplete the ozone layer
  • 100% Formula – No Propellants – because BOV continuous spray requires no propellants, they are filled with 100% of actual formula and are able to dispense 100% of the product in the can

To learn more about how Bag-on-Valve technology works, visit

Baitmate has also brought true innovation to the soft bait market with the introduction of their new line of UltraLive Baits. 3rd party Ultimate Biodegradability certified* with a 100% natural look and feel, they are the closest thing to live bait without the hassle. And, with Baitmate attractant infused into each bait for prolonged scent release, they create a scent trail with every cast that lasts throughout the life of the bait. See the full line of baits available at (

Baitmate Ultra BOV Continuous Spray Attractants as well as UltraLive Baits are available at Walmart and other retailers across the country. For a full list of retailers, visit

*RespirTek Consulting Laboratory tested and certified

About Wisconsin Pharmacal Company, LLC

Baitmate™ Fish Attractant is owned by Wisconsin Pharmacal Company, LLC, a leader in outdoor health and safety products. The company’s complete brand portfolio includes: Potable Aqua® water purification tablets, Coleman® Insect Repellents, Coleman® First Aid, StingEze® insect bite relief products, Atwater Carey® pre-treated mosquito nets, and Baitmate™ fish attractants. For more details, please visit