Angry Fishing is a Bad Idea

Angry Fishing tends to be hard on your Equipment

We see a lot of fishing videos, many of them are boring. When this video came across my screen I pretty much laughed out loud and made everyone around me have to watch it with me, over and over again. I have been a victim to angry fishing more than once, and these guys take it the extreme.

As you are about to see, angry fishing is a real thing. Unfortunately, the only real victims are the rods and reels.

When I first started learning how to use a baitcaster, I was very close to doing what that kid did in the video as well. As far as breaking my rod in half goes, have you ever tried to fly fish? It’s still that way.

I think we all can agree that fishing is supposed to be fun, but that letdown when things just don’t work out is pretty darn overwhelming, as you just saw.

Perhaps some day when I miss a fish, get a backlash at the worst possible time, hook myself in the head, or just overall have a total breakdown on the water, it’s at least not on video.

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Story by Brad Smith