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Hold on tight to that nice fish you just caught

Or you’ll end up like this guy.
Getting a good photo of the big lunker you just caught has never been easier than it is in today’s age of cell phones and small digital cameras.

Now you just have to remember that the big fish you just pulled out of the water wants back in real bad.

Here’s how you get a wet photo of your fishing buddy:

To the guy taking the video and laughing his head off: enjoy it now because your time is coming.

After that, raise your hand if you or your fishing partner have lost a fish trying to get a picture of it.

If you said no, you haven’t been a fisherman long enough.

Sources: Beer and Fishing Facebook, Craig Raleigh

Avoid the Gut Shot – Or you’ll Gag

When it comes time to field dress your deer, I hope you handle it better than these folks.
I don’t want to rag on these hunters. Trust me, that is not the purpose of this post. However, I am sure we all have friends that get a little queasy when it comes time to field dress a kill. Yes, those people are out there, and sometimes the camera is rolling when it happens!

Watch these hunters do everything they can to not vomit while cutting into this deer. Their reactions are classic! This video was shared by Kyle Krajewski on Facebook and has taken off like a wildfire.

Well, folks, this is a great example of why you try to avoid a gut shot at all costs.

Now, I know nobody loves the smell, but at some point, you got to get used to it, or at least be able to anticipate what’s ahead of you.

Like I said at the beginning, I am not trying to rag on these guys, but it is certainly funny watching their reactions as they struggle through the good stuff.

Video Transcription
Man 1: You lose your gun (?)
Man 2: [something about a gun]
Person off-camera: [indistinguishable]
Man 1: Pull the legs away from me! Jesus Christ!
[laughing off-camera] [off-camera muttering]
Man 1: [grunting] Oh Jesus Christ. [loud retching] [grunting as he cuts open deer] [more loud retching]
Man off-camera: [laughing]
Man 1: I don’t think I’m gonna do it! [grunting] [more retching, more laughter off-camera]
Man 2: Lookit that, it’s all green and purple!
Man 1: [More loud retching]
Man 2: You didn’t even get it open yet!
Man 1: I can’t do it!
Man 2: I can’t do it, I’m not gonna do all that.
Man 1: Somebody’s gotta do it!
Man 2: I can’t-! [more laughter]
Man 1: Son of a BITCH.
Man off-camera: [indistinguishable] Stealthy.
Man 2: [indistinguishable]
Man 1: [more loud retching] I can’t do it.
Man 2: I can’t, I can’t. I’m not touching it.
Man 1: [sighs] How the fuck are we gonna do it?!
[more off-camera laughter]
Man 1: Son of a BITCH.
Man 2: [indistinguishable]
Man 1: Oh Jesus. [retching] Motherfucker!

by Jesse Males

Source: Kyle Krajewski Facebook

Would you pull a prank on your buddy?

Okay, seriously, who doesn’t love a good prank every now and then? Even better yet, this one involves deer hunting. In this video, we are introduced to an unsuspecting, rifle-toting, story-telling, novice hunter who is clearly looking to make what appears to be his first ever shot on a massive buck.

He does an excellent job of narrating his excellent hunt adventure, from start to finish. His friend does an excellent job of egging him along.

Well, on second thought, it may be time for this guy to consider hunting with a new set of friends.

You might be able to pull this one on one of your more gullible pals, but first, it might be worth it to you to evaluate the strength of your friendship. At least this guy takes it like a true champ.

by KJ Gonzales

Source: bigcode3 Youtube