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Fred Hall Shows

Pacific Lures
At Pacific Lures, we’re dedicated to producing the highest quality lures possible.  Using new technologies, we fuse high-resolution digital images of actual forage baitfish and squids to the jig.
After fishing with the same old painted jigs for decades, dealing with the same issues of chipped/worn paint after just a few fish, corroded rings etc., we decided to build a better mouse trap so to speak.  We use high-resolution digital images of forage baitfish and squids and chemically bond them to a powder-coated jig body. Our rings are TIG welded stainless steel, resulting in a solid, non-corrosive, ring.
The result is a jig with brilliant colors of our most productive baitfish and squid on a VERY tough finish.  You will lose these jigs before you wear them out.


Walters Cove Resort
Walters Cove Resort is a luxurious fishing lodge, owned by the Kyuquot Checklesaht First Nations.  Located on the NW side of Vancouver Island in Kyuquot Sound, we provide a first class, all-inclusive fishing experience for salmon, halibut and bottom fish.  Grady White boats, and both Abel and Avet reels are an example of the top of the line equipment we provide.
Our small, intimate lodge holds a maximum capacity of only 18 guests which allows us to provide exceptional customer service and cultural experiences such as our signature Beach BBQ.  Not to mention the most consistent fishing on the West Coast!


Eagle’s Wings Wilderness Retreat
Are you looking for an affordable and more personalized Alaskan fishing adventure? Then Eagles Wings Wilderness Retreat may just be the perfect spot for you! We try to limit the number of guests to 8 at a time*, so you can be assured of a stay that will be custom-designed to your desires: from the type of fishing to the type of food you like, our staff does their utmost to satisfy your choices (* If you bring 7 friends with you you get the lodge, facilities, and staff all to yourselves!)
Captains Mark and Beth Farrar