Three New Wolf Pups Born In Lassen County

Break out the cigars! The California Department of Fish and Wildlife announced that three wolf pups were born in Lassen County, as the state’s once invisible wolf population continues to grow.

Here’s the San Jose Mercury News’  environmental reporter Paul Rogers with more:

The three pups bring the total number of gray wolves in California to at least seven, and perhaps as many as 10.

Exact numbers are difficult to come by because the animals roam hundreds of miles into other states, including Oregon and Nevada, and only two in California have been radio-collared.

“This pack has been on the landscape in California since 2016,” said Kent Laudon, a wolf biologist with the state Department of Fish and Wildlife. “They had their first litter in 2017. Generally you would expect pups every year, so long as the adults stay healthy. They are acting like regular wolves.”

CDFW also posted a remarkable video of the pack: