Marin County Coho Smolt Monitoring Goes Well

The Turtle Island Restoration Network’s SPAWN group has done some great working on coho salmon restoration in Marin County’s San Geronimo Creek. Here’s an update:

SPAWN started the summer by wrapping up our coho salmon smolt season monitoring in San Geronimo Creek — and what a season it was! We counted a total of 2,732 coho smolts, marking a significant year for the endangered species. Salmon live a three-year lifecycle, so as we bid farewell to the smolts we’ve seen thus far and wish them luck in the big ocean, we hope to see them soon as adults when they return to the Lagunitas Watershed to spawn in winter 2021!

Marin County’s Board of Supervisors voted down a proposal to block SPAWN’s permit to remove a fish barrier on the creek that would impede migrating fish.