Lake Del Valle Fishing Update


Joe Mello of Fremont with a 7-pound trout. (LAKE DEL VALLE)
Daryl Hill of San Jose caught this 6-pound rainbow

The following is courtesy of Livermore’s Lake Del Valle:

Fishing Report for Lake Del Valle for 1/1/18-1/8/18
 The weather here at Lake Del Valle has fluctuated with some days being warm and sunny and other days are super cold and windy and rainy. Fishing has been tough this week with the low pressure systems rolling through.
  For trout most anglers are using either Powerbait, Power eggs or nightcrawlers. I also recommend using either Kastmasters, small spinners, or small jerk baits. Fish shallow sand flats and coves.
 Catfish are doing good this week most anglers are using either chicken liver, night crawlers or mackerel. Fish deeper water around rock walls and points.
  Stripers are starting to show up a little with a few anglers having luck. Most anglers that fish for stripers right now are using either anchovies or night crawlers. I would also recommend using some kind of jig either hair raiser, chatter bait, or spoon.
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