Jogger Injured In Moraga Coyote Attack

Dog bites on joggers have become commonplace in neighborhoods, but you wouldn’t expect normally shy coyotes to inflict an attack on a jogger – especially on a high-school campus. But as the San Francisco Chronicle reports, a man in Moraga had an unwelcome intruder during a run:

When a pair of runners told the group that they had seen a coyote nearby Friday morning, they initially thought little of it.

“We see them all the time over here, out on the street. They see humans and they run off — no big deal,” Sytz said.

That was until the end of their workout, when Sytz felt a sudden, sharp pain in his left leg. From a push-up position, he quickly rolled over to find a coyote clamped down, hard, on his shin and calf.

In a matter of seconds, Sytz jerked up his knee, wound up and slapped the coyote in the face to convince the animal to release him.

Fortunately, Sytz suffered only minor injuries. Stay safe out there.