Is this where Farmers are getting their Fertilizer?

With all this buzz about technology leading the way in helping make lives better in our society like the one in Africa. Bill Gates donated money to create a technology that can turn poop into water. But, what about for the farmers in the U.S., some farmers rely on selling fertilizers its their livelihood.

Its a good thing DIY is still the tech that most farmers know. Fertilizing your food plot has never been easier or more economical. It’s still a do-it-yourself world! Taking care of your business has never had more meaning than in this fun and, well, disgusting video.

Don’t flush it down the drain, do something constructive with it.

Farmers everywhere rejoice! Memo from the ‘why didn’t we think of that?’ department: what would a rack of horns look like after eating crops grown on that stuff?

We’d rather not find out.

by Craig Raleigh

Source: Chassomaniak Facebook