Iconic California Saltwater Skippers Honored By IGFA

Capt. Steve Lassley. Photos courtesy of IGFA




Capt. Mike Hurt

A pair of Southern California fishing captains were honored by the In terminational Game Fish Association’s 2018 Tommy Gifford Award winners, “in recognition of their significant contributions to recreational angling as captains, guides or crew.”

Here’s the IGFA on Capt. Steve Lassley and Capt. Mike Hurt:


Steve Lassley
Over the past three decades, Captain Steve Lassley has built one of the most impressive resumes in the history of sport fishing. Not only has Lassley accrued the most tournament winnings in the history of the sport at the helm of team Bad Company, the experience he has gained from spending more than 7,000 documented days at sea have allowed him to become a leading innovator and educator in the industry.


Mike “The Beak” Hurt
Captain Mike “The Beak” Hurt has dedicated his life to the promotion of sport fishing. Often considered the “Godfather” of modern sport fishing in Southern California, Hurt was one of the first captains to consistently catch billfish before the days of sounders and GPS in his native waters off San Diego. Today, Captain Mike continues to shape the industry by sharing the knowledge and experience he has gained on the water over the past 50 years.

Here’s a little more about Lassley and Hurt.  

Congrats, guys!