Fish And Game Commission Votes To Amend Striped Bass Protections

The Sacramento Bee was at today’s California Fish and Game Commission meeting, with one of the hot-button topics a proposal that would lift restrictions on striped bass, a non-native but extremely popular gamefish in the Central Valley. The commission decided to lift the previous regulations, which many guides and others think will decimate the stripers in the Delta. Here’s the Bee with more: 

The decision to adopt new Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta fisheries management rules and amend the striped bass policy followed impassioned public comment from both supporters and opponents.

“The commission is trying to update an old policy and strike a balance between the native fish and striped bass, which is not native, but has certainly been around a long time,” said commission spokeswoman Jordan Traverso.

That position was opposed by anglers, who believe that reducing the population of striped bass would lead to the eradication of sport fishing in Central Valley and Delta waterways.