Coastal Conservation Association Of California Releases 30X30 Video

The controversial California state AB3030 legislation – also known as 30X30 – has been questioned by the fishing and hunting industry as potentially devastating if closures take away fishing and hunting opportunities in the state.

The Coastal Conservation Association of California dropped a video today opposing the legislation that could close coastal fishing opportunities for California saltwater anglers. Here’s a description from CCA-Cal:
In California, the state is trying to use 30×30 as a tool to eliminate fishing along the coast. That means no fishing for kids. No fishing for under-served communities. No fishing for anyone. The Coastal Conservation Association of California is dedicated to ensuring that angling is included in the 30×30 process. But we need your help.

Help stop unwarranted 30×30 closures anywhere and everywhere. Keep coastal waters open to fishing. For our kids, for our grandkids, for under-served communities, for generations to come. Log on to for more info! Join CCA here: Visit our 30×30 Information HQ here:×30-in-ca…

Here’s the video: