Buck goes Skyrocket

Monster buck explodes off feet and flips onto his back in one of the most unique harvest videos you will ever see.

Popular outdoor television and Youtube hunting videos highlights many whitetail while expiring. Generally, when you shoot a deer, you expect them to jump, maybe flop, some drop where they stand, some run off and leave a trail of blood you have to track (it happens). Generally, you don’t expect something like this.

When a friend of Garrett Sing took down -his- buck over the weekend, the deer didn’t flop, but it certainly had a spectacular jump!

With his last breath, the buck sky rockets up like a spaceship and flips directly on his back. You couldn’t have placed it better on its rack if you tried.

My suspicion is that the impact damaged something in the deer’s spine, as it doesn’t appear to move its back after impact, and even its head remains stock-still. The jury is still out, though! Do you have any theories about how the deer ended up topsy-turvy?


by Sam Morstan

Source:All Things Hunting Facebook